Due to zero demand I’ve decided it’s basically a necessity that I post something about the Redskins. However, I’m not going to waste time and expend effort researching the match-up creating some hypothetical game plan the squad could win with if they heed my every word. Instead I’m going to go on record with my predictions. I’m looking to the future. I’m looking to the time of the year where the Burgundy and Gold dominate. That’s right, the offseason.

1) Shannahan will be the coach next season.

For some reason, Dan Snyder is acting like he will not fire his coach because he doesn’t want to pay the severance. Don’t understand why the guy who has some of the deepest pockets in the league is being so cheap. It may have something to do with Six Flags going bankrupt. (Irony that all the business’ he is apart of go straight down the tubes?) Anyway, Shanny is not going to leave because now he is going to be the martyr jumping on the grenade so that RG3 won’t get killed on the field because Snyder wants to see his man on the turf. Also, most fathers who aren’t worthless are going to do anything they can for their son. Coach is going to give it an extra 12 months, hopefully fill up Kyle’s resume with some film that would qualify him for a job a step or two above Pop Warner. 

2) We’re going to give stupid money to a player who is injured/not performing this season.

I’ve been telling one of my friends that this player is Hakeem NIcks. He’s often not playing at 100%, he’s the product of a great system/coach/quarterback. Oh well, Nicks and Amerson can pull guns on each other on the team plane over the NC State/UNC game. Woops, wrong DC team. People don’t forget. 

A second option I can imagine becoming a Redskin is Karlos Dansby. I’m actually a personal fan of the veteran linebacker, but I feel that when you’re in the cellar and we’ve wasted the last two season with an aging veteran in the middle of the field, you need to cut your loses and put up with the learning curve of a younger guy. 

3) RG3 will not sign an extension

This may not be something you can confirm next year really, but that man does not finish his career with the Redskins. Personally I see him destined to play for the Silver and Black, but with Al passing away, may he rest in peace, I can see where they act a little more conservative. 

4) Waste our 2nd round pick

The Redskins are going to draft this years Jimmy Clausen, Geno Smith. Not necessarily a QB, but whoever is falling down the board, instead of analyzing why this guy is dropping like a prostitutes panties, the Skins will instead jump all over the guy and dub him the next great Skin. 

5) Bye, Bye, Bye

Cut list: Carricker, Hankerson, Cofield, Chester, Morgan

Santana won’t get an extension, London retires


That is all. Those are my predictions, take em to the bank.